Visting the Park

By Train 
Situated very close to Canons Park underground station on the Jubilee Line, the park is well served by public transport.

By Bus
Enter from Whitchurch Lane (buses 79, 186 and 340 drop you right by the entrance), or walk from the underground station along Donnefield Avenue to the park entrance at the end. Alternatively, there are entrances at the top end of Canons Drive, and on Howberry Road.

Please note that some roads near the park have restricted parking hours. There is a station car park in Donnefield Avenue and a number of spaces at the top end of Canons Drive, including two for disabled drivers.

A Fully Accessible Park

 The park is accessible, with a flat pathway that runs right around the perimeter enabling wheelchair users, walkers,  joggers, and families with pushchairs to explore and enjoy this wonderful, historic landscape.

Toilet Facilities

There is a toilet, which is opened on weekdays only by volunteers and on Saturday mornings by parkrun volunteers (9am to 10.30am approx). The toilet will not be unlocked at weekends until the cafe opens again. It is maintained by Harrow Council on a weekly basis and any complaints or questions should be directed via
​ their website

Good Friends Cafe

Our popular café has become the social hub of the park, with plenty of picnic tables nearby, where friends and family can meet up for lunchtime snacks, teatime goodies and ice creams.

Our cafe is currently closed but we hope to open again in the spring of 2024. Watch this space……!

Dog Walkers

Dogs are welcome in all areas but the council asks that dog owners put their pets on a lead in the Memorial Garden, so that those who come there for a little peace and quiet – or are afraid of dogs – can enjoy the surroundings.  

​Please also remember that the pond at the centre of the garden is home to a variety of wildlife, including frogs and newts, so allowing your dog to swim in the pond is both anti-social and harmful to these little creatures.  We understand that flea treatments for dogs are especially harmful to the water and would point out that anti-social behaviour results in glass and litter being thrown into the pond, which could result in a painful injury to your dog.  The council tries to clean out the pond whenever possible but cannot guarantee that it is safe for dogs or children to enter.